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Chronicles of a year in Spain without a plan.

Madeira (Mike)

After a week at sea, we landed at Madeira and had an amazing day riding up the Gondola, coming down the hill in a basket pulled by two men, and tasting delicious Madeira wine at 4 different spots with our cruise buddies: Lindsay and Mitch. The cruise has been great and we’ll update about it later. The highlight was Laura at the craps table where she got the yips and literally hit the pit boss with the dice 3 times in a row. Fortunately her embarrassment led to great luck and we won $350! The casino workers are still talking about it. We’re safe, healthy, and having a blast! Hope everyone is doing well.20130513-164735.jpg20130513-164757.jpg20130513-164816.jpg20130513-164825.jpg20130513-164837.jpg20130513-164851.jpg


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3 thoughts on “Madeira (Mike)

  1. Nancy McNeil on said:

    What a blast and Laura is the forever good luck charm. Hugs to you both.


  2. Louise (weezy) on said:



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