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Amsterdam, NL (Laura)

Although you can’t complain about a 2-week cruise across that Atlantic, we are SO GLAD it’s finally over and we are traveling on our own again.  Granted we are still so happy to have Lindsay and Mitch with us to enjoy Amsterdam, but it’s nice deciding our own scheduling, getting to choose our restaurants, and sleep on land.

Amsterdam is an insanely beautiful city.  You know it has to be a pretty spectacular place for us to be in love with it despite 2 days of non stop rain and cold weather.  The apartment we rented is wonderfully charming and on a quaint little street to the West of Vondelpark, their central park made to look like a natural and lush English garden with creeks and ponds.  We’re a 20 minute walk through the park to the town center where we met Lindsay and Mitch yesterday.  We did all the stuff you’re supposed to do– walkin the canals, sight-seeing, coffee houses, red light district, and other activities omitted from this post :o)  We’ve found that Dutch people are some of the nicest, most helpful people we’ve ever met.

We’re pleased to find out that one of Mike’s fraternity brothers lives here, as well as a friend we met a few years ago on our backpacking trip in South America.  We will be meeting up with them tomorrow evening after visiting the Anne Frank House Museum.  We both re-read her diary over the past week and are now captivated.  We’re also going to the Van Gogh museum Thursday before taking the train into Belgium.

We’re having a fantastic time despite the rain, but pray for a few dry patches so we can actually ride a bike here!Cruise 2013 118 Cruise 2013 115 Cruise 2013 114 Cruise 2013 108Image


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5 thoughts on “Amsterdam, NL (Laura)

  1. Yay! A photo! I miss your faces so much- I want more photos! You missed an epic night of karaoke. I sang “don’t cry for me Argentina” in Mike’s honor, and “silly love songs” because we missed you both. Phil destroyed “it’s raining men.” Keep the updates coming! XO


  2. If it is charming even in the rain that is saying something. Thanks for keeping us in your back pocket and sharing your experiences with us. I love opening up my mailbox and seeing a note from my favorite people. Be safe and don’t be tempted by cheap massages!


  3. Let me know if you visit Antwerp, we used to live there before moving to Rohnert Park.


  4. Lisa Hammon on said:

    WOW, thanks for the great travel information! I almost feel like I am there with you. Glad you’re having a fantastic time! Enjoy the coffee, the food, the fun (and other unmentionables!!)… Lisa


  5. Gina Rossi on said:

    You guys are adorable! Glad you are having so much fun! Love you! 🙂


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