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Chronicles of a year in Spain without a plan.

Art and culture month

In the effort to keep up Mike’s promise of writing more about life in Madrid, I thought I’d record the art and culture exhibits we’ve packed into the first six weeks of the year.  This was our first and only six-week stretch without visitors, so we’ve finally been able to avoid the Prado and go to some of the less obvious exhibits Madrid has to offer.

Nicholas Muller, photography exposition at Canal de Isabella II.  Thoughtful black and white images by the influential Hungarian photographer who photographed Spain in the mid 20th century.


Surrealism and the Dream, Thyssen Museum. Works by artists such as André Breton, Salvador Dalí, Paul Delvaux, Yves Tanguy, René Magritte, André Masson, Max Ernst, Jean Arp, Claude Cahun and Paul Nougé showing the connection between dream and image in Surrealism.


Catala Roca, photography exposition, Círculo de Bellas Artes. Stunning black and white photos of Spain in the 1950’s by Catalan photographer.


Mujer: Todos Somos Una, photography exposition by Francisco Magallo at Museo de Antropología.  Powerful exposition of 36 portraits of women facing incredible circumstances in their daily lives and what it takes for them to survive.


Royal Tappestry Factory.  Founded by king Felipe V in the 1700’s and still in operation today, creating and restoring magnificent tapestries. The tour is wonderful, giving you a chance to watch the masters working at the massive looms with hundreds of spools of rich-colored thread dangling of the back side.  They also have a great collection of original tapestries and cartoons, including those designed by Francisco Goya.


San Antonio de la Florida, Chapel in an unassuming little church painted by Francisco Goya in the late 1700’s.


Temple of Debod. 2,200-year-old Egyptian temple, moved to Madrid in the mid-1900’s. Full of neat hieroglyphics.


Real Academia Española: 300 Years of History.  The protectors and authority of the Spanish language have an exhibit with interesting documents, art and books (obviously including Don Quixote) in honor of their 300-year old organization.


Lecture: Understanding Contemporary Art. Interesting two-hour lecture at a private art history academy on contemporary art essentials, how it differs from modern art, and how to appreciate it.

Fiesta y Color: Sorolla museum.  Beautiful museum in Sorolla’s mansion in the heart of Madrid.  This exhibit showcased some of his more colorful works with subjects of festive dress and costuming, rather than the typical beach scenes he’s known for.


CentroCentro, temporary exhibits in the old post office.  Especially loved the textiles and screen prints by Dutch artist Kustaa Saski.


Genesis: fotography exposition by Sebastiao Salgado at LaCaixa Forum.  Incredible images from exotic places around the world, with a definite environmental and social responsibility message.


Picasso in His Studio, exposition at MAPFRE association.  Really cool exhibit focusing on the studios Picasso used throughout his life and the relationship between the artist/sculptor/painter and his model.



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One thought on “Art and culture month

  1. So glad that you took the time to look back on all we did (and inform me on what you are doing now!). Thanks for continuing to be creative artistic-types and for the memorable trip. Keep the list growing so I can decide where I want to go next!


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